Monday, September 26, 2011

Return to Ajo

I got back to Ajo about may 7th. That was about two and a half weeks ago. Since my return I have been procrastinating. I've done some office work. You know how it is to organize files. I have to decide what magazines to continue. The New York Review of Books is my newspaper. It is costly but they will get a check. Poets and Writers, The Writer, Writer's Digest. They all want checks. What about the New Yorker? How can I be a writer without keeping up on my reading? The envelopes with bills are all stacked up. Which ones will I choose? When I got back Jovita brought me boxes of magazines and correspondence. Four months worth. So now that I am reading what are my priorities? For one thing, I must learn about search engine optimization. And I rebel. Why should I with limited time have to become an expert in search engines? I guess I am procrastinating because tops on my priority list is something I don't want to do. what do you think?