Monday, September 26, 2011

Return to Ajo

I got back to Ajo about may 7th. That was about two and a half weeks ago. Since my return I have been procrastinating. I've done some office work. You know how it is to organize files. I have to decide what magazines to continue. The New York Review of Books is my newspaper. It is costly but they will get a check. Poets and Writers, The Writer, Writer's Digest. They all want checks. What about the New Yorker? How can I be a writer without keeping up on my reading? The envelopes with bills are all stacked up. Which ones will I choose? When I got back Jovita brought me boxes of magazines and correspondence. Four months worth. So now that I am reading what are my priorities? For one thing, I must learn about search engine optimization. And I rebel. Why should I with limited time have to become an expert in search engines? I guess I am procrastinating because tops on my priority list is something I don't want to do. what do you think?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mad Professor Book Reading Rexville Grocery

Author Rupert Schmitt will give readings from The Mad Professor and The Interview and Other Poems.

Time: 3pm. Sunday August 7th. Place: Rexville Grocery located on the country , close to the banks of the Skagit River, on the road from La Conner, Washington to Conway Washington.

The Mad Professor satirizes Western Washington Community Colleges, politician, bureaucrats, and big box store malls. The action takes place in Humalah which resembles Skagit County, Washington. In the past Rupert’s readings have included the outrageous where audience eats mangoes, makes jungle sounds and attempts to fly.

The novel includes the machine gunning of sacks of sugar, a new religion based upon DNA, and a variety of lies. Environmental author Thomas J. Lyon wrote, “Here is one fine book. It threatens to leave common sense linearity behind and dwell in wild supposition, laughter and the curious little squawks and squeeks of a free mind. In the end it tells a powerful story.” James Bertolino, poet, wrote, “Rupert Schmitt is a poet who is both playful and wise.”,